Dontnod Entertainment the creative force behind games such as
Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange 2, Vampyr and going back a
bit for Remember Me, is finally here with their latest game;
Tell Me Why, an episodical narrative adventure set in the fictional
town of Delos Crossing, Alaska.

Tell Me Why introduces you to the twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan,
Whom have the ability to telepathically talk to each other and
interact with memories from the past, separated from each other
after a traumatic incident involving their mother, for 10 years
before finally re-uniting and ready to sell their old house where
they grew up in, this is the beginning to the adventure that lays
a head, as you will try to remember/piece what exactly happened before
and led up to the tragic events that occurred.

The game deals with serious topics as LGBT issues, and mental health,
stress about how people perceive Tyler as an transgender person,
this all is part of the mystery, why/how or if it played a role
to why things played out as it did.

Since this is an episodical game,
The first episode is available right now for download as I publish
the review, with the 2nd and 3rd episode available for download
in the coming weeks, I will not spoil the story, but rather point
out what you can expect from playing the game. As always, you
playing the game for yourself is the most important thing.

I have uploaded below the first hour of the game for you to view
on YouTube. That is for, if you still are on the fence of what
the game is about, and what to expect.

Tell me why – First Hour

I will also point out that the game is available on Xbox Gamepass
from today, which includes both Xbox and PC versions. Alternatively
you can also purchase the game from the steam store.

But back to the game

If you are familiar with the mechanics of Life Is Strange and LiS2
you will find yourself right at home with Tell Me Why, the game
follows core mechanics of the previous mentioned, there will be a
lot of dialogue (protip, keep subtitles on – there is some lip-sync
weirdness sometimes) to get to know the town
people of Delos Crossing, and detective work to find out things,
small puzzles for ex. to open things, or hack into a computer,
as you could guess, there are also collectibles in the game,
so you will have to keep your eyes open for those.

The game looks absolutely fantastic, with a picture perfect
scenic Alaska. Characters, and the tiniest of detail as we’ve
become used to in Dontnod’s other titles, this includes a diary
type of book that is filled with short stories you’ve created
when you were young, to tiny fliers on billboards filled with
detail, even monsters you’ve come up with yourself as a kid.

And not to forget the music, the Music choice as well
in Tell Me Why, is just tops for the game, just like in Life
Is Strange, which was just spot on. The voice-acting is done
perfectly for the game, like I said above, the game deals
with mature topics, and for that the casting has been right on.

Running the game on all the highest details on PC, at 1440p on
my review rig, i5-9400, 16gb ram and a 2060 6GB RTX, runs as
smooth as water flows in a river, but below you will find the
minimum specifications for the game to check out if it will run.


OS: Windows 7 64-bit version 1903 or higher
Processor: Intel core i3 4130 (3.4 Ghz 2C / 4T)
AMD FX 4300 (3.8 Ghz 4C / 4T)

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GTX 750Ti or Nvidia GTX 1050 or
AMD Radeon R7 260X or AMD Radeon RX 560

DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 25 GB available space

Final words

Tell Me Why, a fantastic adventure that spans around 9-10 hours
with it’s 3 episodes. It’s the type of game, that always reminds
me that we don’t have too many of similar story telling games
to dwelve into these days. I definitely recommend you check it
out be it that you are a fan of Life Is Strange or not.

Out Of 10
  • Another DontNod story
  • Beautiful setting
  • Music
  • Characters/Story
  • Just the right length
  • Some technical issues
  • Perhaps a bit slow paced for some

Thank you to Microsoft for the Review Code

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