Atlas Fallen

I had previously seen some footage of Atlas Fallen and the game peeked my interest,
now that it has been released I had the opportunity to dive into the world of Atlas Fallen
The game is an Open World Action RPG that features beautiful visuals, hard as nails combat
with an interesting story and a vast world to explore for secrets, treasure, side quests
and you name it.. it’s got it.

Without spoiling any of the story I’ll recap quickly the events that unfold as the game begins.
Unnamed, that is you.. essentially a worthless slave in the eyes of some people.. born only
to serve and cater to others.. but that all quickly changes when you stumble upon a gauntlet
during an early game quest involving finding a thief outside camp.

This gauntlet holds serious power and pretty quickly makes it presence known to you in form
of a ghost like projection, whilst speaking to you it’s obvious the power has lost most of
it’s memories and actual powers… now you unnamed, are the Gauntlet Bearer.. with a main
objective of helping out Nyaal (name of the power) a long the way to find out who he is, what
has happened, what he is and so forth.. not far into the game you will find out about Gods
fighting over power, and how the humans are involved and how they perhaps have made an mistake.

The world of Atlas Fallen is vast, and ruthless, filled with monsters sized from tiny to
Gigantic.. here is where Atlas Fallen shines, the Combat is fluid and ferocious, but also
hard as nails.

Personally I am horrible at combat in these types of games and get my ass kicked most of the
time over and over again, but sticking to the game with a never give up mentality and ignoring
you might have died a few dozen times already is rewarding as heck when you manage to beat
up an gigantic boss.

While exploring the world and finishing tasks you will level up as in any game,
and by collecting things along the way, you can upgrade your weapons at forges around the world…
to perhaps make combat a little bit easier, there are also spells you can use..
as you would have guessed for sure. Finding gauntlet locations around the world also lets you
fast/instant travel between points, as it faster than sand-surfing across the large map.

Personally when I got into the game a bit further, and powers, upgrades unlocked,
it took me a while to get used to the games system for upgrading and changing powers
it wasn’t all that self explanatory that some games are.. I had to think twice what things do
and how they work, obviously a design choice from the beginning,
but perhaps this could have been simplified further a long the way for the common man like myself.

Back to the story and world, the game itself like I said before is stunning visually and
has a great photo mode built in also so you can grab some awesome ingame shots..
As in all my reviews, the screenshots from various aspects of the game can be found above
in the beginning of the review.

The game for those who wonder how long the story mode is it clocks in around 10+ hours …
and if you are into completions (100%) .. then you should set aside around 25 maybe 30 hours to finish
it all. I said earlier the game is hard as nails,
and I really mean it.. playing the game on easy even gave me a hard time with bosses, but for
those that are hard to the core in these types of games you can severely ramp up the difficulty
above easy or normal… The voice acting in game is done nicely, I have no complaints there and
the music chosen suits the game perfectly giving off the world vibe as a whole.

For PC specs the minimum requirements on Steam are not that demanding but recommended is for
sure a different story as you can see below. Luckily the game has FSR 2.0 support so those
of you with a newer kind of GPU can take advantage of frame generation helping out along the way.

I just recently after a few months of waiting for parts built my new gaming rig to a more modern
standard, upgraded from an i5-9600k to i5-12600k, upping ram to 32gb.. and playing Atlas Fallen
on 3440x1440p at high details with FSR enabled gives around 100fps.. this on a RTX 3070 (8gb)
to give you an idea what you could expect from your own system. Also worth mentioning, I had
not a single crash of the game so far, gotta give kudos on that one.

So what else is there to say or cover?

If you love exploring, finding secrets, hard as nails combat and got 10-30 hours to spare..
the sand filled world of Atlas Fallen is definitely a game you should take a serious look at.
Gorgeous, well paced story, it’s got it all.. the only wish I have in regards the game for myself
is that optimization could be taken a step further, hardware requirements are quite strong to
have 60fps or above, and perhaps add a beginners level that is slightly easier than easy for those
who enjoy exploring, story.. but are perhaps not that great at combat.

Out Of 10
  • Gorgeous world
  • Just the right length Story
  • Gorgeous monsters
  • Hard as nails combat
  • Hefty PC requirements
  • Slightly confusing menu systems
  • Hard as nails combat

Atlas Fallen is out now on all major platforms and check in store or digital store for local pricing. Thank you to Focus Entertainment for providing a review key.

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