Story wise

Well it has happened, we’ve trashed the earth and most of the people have fled to Mars.
Except you of course, you are visiting your Grandpa on the Farm, and find out from the
few staying NPC:s your grandfather is kind of lost in all the mess that has been left
behind, It’s time to put some gloves on and start clearing up the trash left behind..

Jumping into the game, something most games do not take into consideration is really
walking you through everything in the tutorial, how you do this, and how you do that.
No Place Like Home, has a unique approach in today’s games to the introduction and
showing you how to practically do everything… I just have to give a thumbs up for that,
it’s not something you often see.. and you have to take into account that new PC players
who aren’t all too comfy around Keyboard and Mouse, it really helps out on the comfortability..
Us more used players, we just jump into the keyboard layout options and check what is
the key for this and that… but yes, Thumbs up guys.

Now that you are starting your farm, you literally are drowning in trash everywhere..
Pizza boxes, plastic bottles.. you name it.. you can find it here.. no wonder everyone
left the planet. Taking it slow and calmly you start to clean up the area, before
moving on to the next one.. as you can see from the screenshots above the map is
quite large, and there’s plenty of areas to clean up.. and quests & tasks to be done
before the next set of areas open up, not only are you tasked with clearing up all
the trash left behind, but you can also take care of all the animals left behind,
there’s dogs, foxes, chickens.. robot llamas and spiders, and to top it all you have
a talking chicken in the game that is giving you quests, No Place Like Home definitely
has a broad character/npc/animal set in the game.

So you start cleaning up the rubbish and you pretty quickly notice that you are overwhelmed
with trash in the inventory, luckily there is a solution for that, all that trash can
be recycled in game for other parts, everything plays together here.. collecting parts,
conserved food, etc. pretty much can be traded with the NPC:s for new machinery, recipes
or buildings, while exploring the vast areas you can also come across bunkers and
secret doors, that once you enter could hold some better materials or secrets for you to find.

Your home house, acts as the save game status, but you are not forced in game to go to
sleep, while planting edibles and watering them.. they do need time to pass, so a quick
way for time to pass faster is just running upstairs to your bed and grab a snooze for
the game to resume the next morning, there are also “enemies” in the game, in the form
of robot spiders that can attack towards you or throw green slime bombs at you,
which I kind of have mixed feelings about.. thinking of it now while writing, maybe the
game would have been more relaxing without these pesky buggers, but then again your trusty
drill that can also be upgraded (also needed to be upgraded later on in the game) handily
takes care of them quite quickly, and if you happen to take some damage, you can always
teleport back to the home area and run upstairs for a snooze and wake up fresh as a
daisy the next day again.

Some of the fun things in the game, the trash collecting gets a bit dull and repetitive
if I am honest, but finally getting some quests done and opening up the ability to build
chicken coops and dog houses or a stable for the robot llamas, while growing your own
food, watering when needed.. and feeding the animals is fun..
time flies when you start to get into that mode, and you’ll notice quickly a few hours
just flew by like that.. also one funny thing in the game is the ability to name your
animal friends, and the ability to give them hats.. I laughed quite a bit with the silly
hats I placed on the chickens. Got to keep them all happy.

So No Place Like Home is your familiar kind of Farming game, but with quite a large
repertoire of things to do, tend, and build, and I’m pretty sure this is a game that will
evolve even more over time with added things from the devs now that it is out from
Early Access (March 17th). It’s fun and also frustrating at the same time, since the
trash never stops, but naming your animals and giving them fun hats, while planting
apple trees counters that, my advice is just don’t let your OCD take over when
entering new areas, you might burn yourself out with just cleaning up trash…
Focus on the more relaxing things to do in the game as I mentioned above, when
you manage to get yourself in a good balance of Building and Cleaning the game is
the most fun. If you want to try something new, I do give a thumbs up for the game
and suggest you give it a try.

Here are the minimum/recommended system settings for No Place Like Home.

i5-9600k 16gb of RAM and Nvidia 3070 played at 3440×1440
averaged a steady 60fps.

Thank you to the developer for review code.

No Place Like Home is out NOW on Steam, please see your steam client for local pricing.

Out Of 10
  • Farming/Growing
  • Animals are cute
  • Easy going - Plenty to explore
  • Plenty of things to build and learn
  • Unique tutorial
  • Never ending trash clean up
  • Robot enemies (are they needed?)
  • Story is slow paced

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