I went to Tokyo, and found a story, gameplay, and technical things
that amazed me for the first time in 2022 what the package delivered.

Ghostwire: Tokyo by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda, brings
something I wasn’t excepting to ever put together in a sentence, a game
that is played from a first person perspective, feels like Assassins Creed
and Dying Light merged, but has horror like Resident Evil, and gunplay
like The Division.. are you following me? This is my conclusion after
playing the game, and I came out more than happy with the gameplay and
story. I’m already going to spill the beans here, and say in 2022,
I have not played anything so far that grappled me this hard with
fun gameplay and in the beginning some surprises.. also the sheer
beauty of the game is amazing thanks to different tech offered by
Nvidia DLSS and AMD’s FSR, playing with an M.2 SSD offers also
some ultra fast loading times..

I won’t spoil the story like in any of my reviews of games, but
the backstory to Ghostwire: Tokyo which can be seen on any of the games
trailers, most of the citizens of Tokyo have disappeared, and you
find yourself in a motorcycle accident.. when things start to go
south, you are invaded by a spirit known later on as KK that
saves your life, when attacked by the enemies called the visitors.
This gives you the supernatural abilities that you will come to
enjoy later in the game.

Ps. There is also a free prologue to Ghostwire: Tokyo that can be
downloaded if the review so far peaked your interest.

You realize quickly that you are dead, and KK is your only chance
when working together coming out of this situation possibly as
a winner against the Visitors, the further you go a long the game
you will discover more about yourself, abilities and what KK,
who he is, and how helpless you will be without him.

The game map is massive and you will find districts and
buildings you have seen from other games locked out before completing
parts of the story, nothing new here..

but once you unlock the whole map, you truly find the beauty of what is Tokyo,
landmarks and some great screenshots to be taken. Like I mentioned before
the tech used in the game is Unreal Engine 4.. looks absolute stunning
and I would even go as far to say Ultra Realistic when you play
on a system that can pull all the game has to offer, rain, fog,
reflections, it is on a different level.. but yes it requires you to
have a PC capable of it or PS5. The only systems the game is
available on right now.

Usually I write a separate on how it runs section, but I might as well
do it here and now. My system i5-9600. 16gb and a 8gb 3070 pulling
about 75-120 fps depending on what section of the game is in.
This would be with RTX enabled and on Performance mode.
Loading times like I mentioned before are blazing fast on a SSD,
specially an M.2, so you will definitely enjoy that part if you fulfil the specs.
And from the above gallery you can see the screenshots I’ve grabbed along the game.

As you see from above screenshots Ghostwire follows most games in XP and leveling,
hence Skill points etc, but also gives you some new ways.. rescuing souls
and trading in the souls for XP. (I won’t talk more about that) you got to
find out about this yourself, by playing the game yourself.

There’s plenty of collectibles for folks who really love a good hunt
to 100% a game, and I just have to mention, that there’s also dogs, cats
raccoons etc… that you can talk to, pet, feed.. and trade with.

Going back to the order of gameplay, what Ghostwire does great is the
pacing of the main story, besides offering you different difficulty levels
in the beginning like every game today, Ghostwire also gives you the freedom
of exploration, which can or could cost your dearly if you don’t explore.
Food, “ammo” is something you will want and need throughout the game, and
some parts do come scarce of it… the game can be quite challenging
if you are not used to Assassins Creed meets a FPS shooter even on Normal
difficulty, but there is plenty of auto-saving thankfully so you won’t be
thrown too far back if you manage to do the oopsie we all hate.

But once you’ve pulled the trigger and bought the game, or still thinking
about it, I finished the main game in about 12 hours, and that is doing
some side quests a long the way, and just taking in the sheer beauty of the
game overall. If you really want to 100% the whole game, I’d expect something
around 18-22 hours minimum to do everything there is, and that might even
be low balling it to be honest.

You might be wondering why I mentioned the Division earlier in the review,
you do run out of “ammo” quite quickly in this game, and the further along
you go in the game, the more you will need it.. and for the Dying light
reference, I felt that was quite accurate as you will parkour a lot over walls,
The resident evil part comes from the sheer horror feel overall of the game
and some things I would call homages to it, a certain enemy might look like
something you have seen before. Now when you put all this together,
and try out the game yourself.. you might agree with the overall verdict
of what the game feels like and looks like.

My final words.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a game you will get hooked on once you try it out.
The story ramps up and becomes more intense the further you go.
Enemies show up a bit trickier the further you go a long, it all
culminates in some jump scares when the new enemies come at you,
but you’ll go %##¤ YES! when you beat them, there is satisfaction
to be gained here from the gameplay.. it’s scary, challenging
and a beautiful game.. with a story that will be revealed to you
as you go a long.

I give my thumbs up for Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Out Of 10
  • Engaging Story
  • Map size
  • Beautiful
  • Loading Times
  • Some odd bugs getting stuck if landing in the wrong place
  • Always out of "ammo"

Thank you to Bethesda for the review code. Ghostwire: Tokyo is out now on Playstation and PC. Please see your local store or online store for local pricing.

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