The Witch Queen

It’s been a while since I played Destiny 2, a lot of things have happened
in between, the game has gone free to play in a sense, but the DLC with the
latest stories have remained an purchasable option, and the latest Expansion;
The Witch Queen, takes Destiny 2:s story even further, introducing familiar
enemies from the past.

Playing on Normal difficulty reminded me how much of a noob I am when it comes
to the core play of the game, Basically after my pause I had to re-learn
the whole game, but after a few hours of re-learning the basics and getting
my aim to somewhat of a level, I got into the groove and started
remembering the Lore of the game.. and how to jump hah. (yes I made bad jumps and died a lot)

What the Witch Queen does is introduces an old familiar foe, and places you in to the
game not really knowing what the heck is going on (if you haven’t played for a while)
but this also goes years back in story telling when putting the whole story together.
there is mysteries to be solved left and right, and I have to tell you,
I really enjoyed the twists and the whole plot of the story this time around.
What you have been used to in previous expansions from Destiny and Destiny 2
besides a new story being told, is a new playable world(s), and raids;
this is exactly what happens here as well. (new raid launching march 5th)

Without really giving you the whole story plot in this review on a silver plate..
The Witch Queen really had an enjoyable story mode.. something Bungie really knows
how to deliver, and with impeccable video cut scenes as you’ve come to know..
But also frustrating (in a good way) and fun at the same time.

I have to add here, that for new players into the Destiny world of lore, it
might be a handful to chew, but also if you take the time and ingest you will
quickly get up to the jist, but also come out as clueless as veteran players
since the world is ever-evolving. Which is a good thing, Bungie knows how
to keep players on their toes wanting more.

I’m going to give you this little thing though, Destiny has always been about
the Light and Darkness that wants to consume everything, Guardians defending the
Light, and their helpful companions the Ghosts (Basically your flying AI)
whom were created by the Traveler, now puzzle 1+1 of what I said,
and you are in for surprises and years of writing story plots from
Bungie taking shape in this DLC, with the Witch Queens plot.

The Game has changed a lot since I played the original Destiny/2 and it’s DLC:s
While back then most of the game was straight forward shooting, and running
through perhaps a Strike quickly, not everyone had the friend groups or the
courage to run through RAID:s with unknowns, RAID:s have always been one of
the best experiences within the Destiny world, requiring serious thinking from
the team on how to tackle the end bosses and so forward, the difference here
with the Witch Queen DLC is that during the story mode, it gives you the RAID
vibes and mechanics in a small scale, marrying the best of the two worlds
into an experience that I enjoyed a lot, giving you the tough bosses mid story
is a bold move that I approve of.

You have the crazy loopy jump mechanics to get from A to B, and you got some
serious opposition already on the lower difficulties (if you haven’t played for a while)
before encountering even tougher bosses..

Here is a bit of a spoiler but I guess it’s required to be said for the review,
what the bosses posses now, and which is the fantastic part of the game,
is the resurrection possibility of the Light bearers (special tier bosses) in game.
What I mean by this, is that essentially the Enemies posses the same resurrection
possibilities that you have unless you put a stop to it (I won’t tell you how here)
but this was a good surprise to me while I was playing, and gives the game that
little extra kick into a higher gear. Kill the boss, but can’t get to him in
time surrounded by others, and you are in for another round of the boss essentially.
Bring on the challenge right?

Some of the other new additions into the game is a new weapon crafting system,
this though requires you to play a lot of things within the base game, gathering
materials, special materials etc., and really investing time for it to be rewarding.
But also remains to be seen how effective it will be when time moves forward
and perhaps enemies get adjustments and your owns guns too, all about balance right?
The Destiny world has always been grindy, and this is how it continues, I don’t mind
it in the end, it gives me an escape from reality into a fantastic sci-fi world for
a few hours here and there, and a sense of accomplishment when you’ve managed
to collect things to craft something new perhaps.

The Witch Queen delivers a solid story, new mechanics, and satisfying shooting action.
If you are on the fence because of not knowing the whole lore of Destiny, here is my
advice, jump into the latest DLC, you will not regret it.. you can always read up on
everything that happened previously, just be sure to not have any dinners plans
when you fire up the game.. because time will fly when you start shooting.

So how does it run?

The System Requirements from Steam state as above, but I can confirm installed
the game takes up around 80 GB of Hard Drive space.
On my gaming system i5-9600k and a NVIDIA 3070, playing at 3440×1440 the game
with HDR and high settings was running between 120-160fps
It is still a gorgeous game world, and the new DLC has some stunning looking locations.

Out Of 10
  • Long running story
  • Shooting is impeccable
  • Cut Scenes
  • Savathun and Bosses
  • Can be hard to ingest for new players
  • Crafting can be confusing

Thank you to Bungie for providing a Review code for the DLC. The Witch Queen DLC is out now for Destiny 2 on all major platforms. Please see your local store or online store for local pricing.

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